About Us

Gie’s Peace are a Social Enterprise (registered CIC) who provide training in Mindfulness Techniques, Trauma Awareness, Trauma Informed Practice, Self-Care and Therapeutic Parenting, to the adults living with, caring for and working with, children who have experienced trauma and / or Adverse Childhood Experiences (A.C.E’s).  

We do this by offering high quality, affordable training courses to Local Authorities, Fostering & Adoption Agencies and individuals. The courses are delivered in local areas and between school hours to ensure the course meets the practical needs of the carers and parents. We differ from other training agencies as we provide not only theoretical training but also practical training; by teaching mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, seated and floor guided meditations and visualisation, strategies and skills that can be used to develop an individual mindfulness practice.

The training provides carers of the most vulnerable children in our communities with the tools, strategies and skills to remain calm and be less reactive and more responsive when dealing with the very challenging behaviours that their children may display.

Gie’s Peace Can help you to:

Develop a greater emotional connection with your children.

Identify your own internal emotional triggers and use them to respond rather than REACT.

There is no judgement, no blame… we explore the feelings of guilt & shame that are often behind our reactions to our kids behaviours. Often unconsciously!! Gie’s Peace acknowledges that we are where we are… and we only know what we know.

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