Trauma Informed Mindfulness Training for Foster Carers.

Foster Carers

We know that caring for a child or young person who has experienced early trauma is extremely rewarding. We also know it is extremely challenging. It is physically and emotionally demanding, and can affect physical and mental health.

Secondary trauma occurs when the adult caring for a child who has experienced trauma absorbs this trauma and if left unnoticed and untreated it can cause long term difficulties.

We also know that the life of a Foster Carer is a busy one; with little time for much needed self-care.

As a Foster Carer, you will likely have access to training in managing your children’s behaviours and managing your children’s emotions. However, what we hear consistently (and what we know from our own experiences) is that access to training around managing your own behaviours and managing your own emotions is much less available. That’s where Gie’s Peace can help!

Our Trauma Informed Mindfulness Workshop for Foster Carers equips the adults equips you to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of a Mindfulness Practice and gives the opportunity to try out a variety of Mindfulness strategies
  • Recognise and understand your own emotional triggers and how you manage them
  • Stay calm when your child is dysregulated and respond with calm rather than reacting or
    over-reacting in the heat of the moment
  • Understand how the brain performs under stress
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of Secondary Trauma / Compassion Fatigue and how to
    manage these

Our trainers are qualified Social Workers with extensive experience in Fostering, Adoption, Trauma Informed Care, and have either worked within Fostering & Adoption or are current Foster Carers. This gives us first hand experience of the challenges of caring for / working with, children who have experienced trauma and or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)

Our Workshops are:

  • Delivered online between school hours meaning they are accessible to those who have children at home
  • Focussed around very short, time limited self-care and mindfulness techniques, recognising that Foster Carers have limited time available for self care practices
  • Accessible to all, regardless of any previous experience of Mindfulness
  • Fun and interactive allowing time for reflection and peer support
  • Flexible enough for you to attend a future date, should circumstances mean you are called away, or unable to stay for the duration of the course.

Our workshops aim to support Foster Carers in a non-judgemental and supportive manner to help them carry out their caring role in the best way possible.


foster carers

Thank you I really enjoyed the workshop, I wish I’d known about mindfulness when I was new to fostering ,it would have made a huge difference. It should be available to all foster carers.

Foster Carer

The little tools that only take a few minutes but can get your feet back on the ground and help you respond differently to a situation were really valuable.

Foster Carer

I loved the section of Triggers & tantrums, it highlighted that triggers can be deep rooted and take us by surprise.

Foster Carer

The training was a breath of fresh air, I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed it. It came at exactly the right time.

Foster Carer

I left feeling refreshed, energised and raring to go

Foster Carer

The breathing exercises were very grounding and can be used immediately

Foster Carer

I really liked the 5 minute care section – as trying to take an hour of of your already busy day can actually cause m ore anxiety than good.

Foster Carer

Absolutely Fantastic !! This is the only training I’ve been able to attend as I am a foster carer for babies. I completed part of this course with my baby on my knee after she woke up during the course.

Foster Carer

I loved that this was online. I would never have felt comfortable closing my eyes, or lying down for relaxation in a room with other people. Because it was online, from my home, I was able to relax and really take part.

Parents Including Adoptive Parents & Kinship Carers

Tools, Strategies and Learning

Common sense, practical and useable strategies and tools to help parents remain calm, stay in control of their emotions and take a step back before responding.

‘Up to high doh’ [noun] /hai ‘dou To find oneself in a state of high agitation or emotional excitement. “Honest tae God, these weans huv goat me up tae high doh.”

Local Authorities & Organisations

Training for all of the UK

Trauma Informed Mindfulness for Social Work Practitioners, Residential Childcare, Education professionals, Health professional. Trauma Informed Training for all adults working with children & Young People. Workshops are accessible online or across the Scotland and the UK.

The best way, to look after
looked after children, it to look after the people who are looking after them”

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