Parents Including Adoptive Parents & Kinship Carers

Common sense, practical and useable strategies and tools to help parents remain calm, stay in control of their emotions and take a step back before responding.

We know that parenting a child or young person who has experienced challenges, additional needs
or trauma in their early years is extremely rewarding. We also know it is extremely challenging!

It is physically and emotionally demanding for parents/and or carers, and can have a detrimental
affect on your physical health and your mental health.

Parenting a child with additional support needs, Sensory processing needs, ADHD, FASD or any
neurodiverse condition means that traditional parenting strategies just do not work. This means you
have to think differently, respond differently and all your responses and reactions tend to be pre-
planned and carefully thought through. This can be emotionally exhausting.

Providing this high level of care over long periods can lead to compassion fatigue and burn out.

We also know that caring for your child is a 24hr job leaving very little time for much needed Self-

We know that traditional parenting courses offer techniques to manage your child’s behaviours, or
to change their behaviour and that these techniques quite simply do not work for neurodiverse
children and young people. At Gie’s Peace, we offer something different: our workshops are
designed to focus on YOU not your child. Our workshops teach you how to manage your own
behaviours and manage your own emotions.

Our Mindful Parenting Workshop equips parents to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of a Mindfulness Practice gives the opportunity to try out a variety of Mindfulness strategies
  • Recognise and understand your own emotional triggers and how you manage them
  • Stay calm when your child is dysregulated and respond with calm rather than reacting or
    over-reacting in the heat of the moment
  • Understand how the brain performs under stress
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of Secondary Trauma / Compassion Fatigue / Burnout
    and how to manage these

Our trainers are qualified Social Workers with extensive experience in supporting parents and carers,
have extensive experience in Trauma Informed Care, and have worked supporting Parents and
Foster Carers, and are also parents themselves. This gives them first hand experience of the
challenges of parenting children with neurodiverse conditions, or who have experienced Trauma and
or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)

Our Workshops are:

  • Delivered online and during school hours meaning they are accessible to parents who have
    children at home
  • Focussed around very short, time limited self-care and mindfulness techniques, recognising
    that parents have limited time available for self care practices
  • Accessible to all, regardless of any previous experience of Mindfulness
  • Fun and interactive allowing time for reflection and peer support
  • Flexible enough for you to attend a future date, should circumstances mean you are called
    away, to unable to stay for the duration of the course.

Our workshops are completely non-judgemental, fully accepting that Parents are carrying out an
extremely challenging role often in very difficult circumstances. Our Workshops are reasonably
priced, and if cost is a barrier to learning, we have pay-what-you-can options and also have some
fully funded free places available to support attendance.



The course gave so many practical ideas to help with stressful situations. It has shown me that my own responses were making things worse and not helping me or my kids


Thank you – The peel of the layers guided meditation helped me remember the fun person I used to be before I became too stressed


The workshop helped me understand why I over-reacted to certain things my kids said & done and taught me to use mindfulness to stop myself jumping in- all guns blazing


The workshop is really helpful giving you the tools to handle those tough moments with the kids


Every parent would benefit but especially if you are stressed. It’s been a journey but I am seeing such positive results now

Adoptive Parent

I find meditation quite difficult, but this course offered much more than that and I’d really recommend it for others too.

Foster Carers

Trauma Informed Mindfulness

Trauma Informed Mindfulness Training for Foster Carers.

“The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily and not be touched by it, is as unrealistic as expecting to be able to walk through water without getting wet – Rachel Remen

Local Authorities & Organisations

Training for all of the UK

Trauma Informed Mindfulness for Social Work Practitioners, Residential Childcare, Education professionals, Health professional. Trauma Informed Training for all adults working with children & Young People. Workshops are accessible online or across the Scotland and the UK.

The best way, to look after
looked after children, it to look
after the people who are looking after them”

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